How to Stay Motivated in Your Fitness Exercise

How to Stay Motivated in Your Fitness Exercise

Nothing beats waking up in the morning with the thought of going to the gym to lift weights or stepping on the treadmill to do positional jogging or running. This is doable but most times not after the days job. Also keeping yourself motivated for consistent fitness exercise is not that easy considering the fat that the benefits of exercise is not tangible and do not come on the short term. Hence, in this article, I will show you how you can stay motivated and be consistent with your fitness exercise routine.

Hindrances to consistence fitness exercise routine are numerous. Build up stress after the day’s hard work makes going to the gym very difficult. Most times, even exercising at home with personal equipment at home can be very difficult and undesirable.

Another major challenge often times, is inability to stay motivated to exercise on a frequent basis and being consistent. Whatever be the case or how you view at it, exercise can be outright boring and even tedious. Maybe you have been caught up with this problem and wondering just how you can get back the lost motivation you need to exercise on constant regime. If you’ve been bored and persistently anxious what you can down trodden been bored and make your exercise routine more enjoyable and fun, we will provide here useful ideas, believing shall help you break the camel’s back.

Do the Exercise you love

Most people are bored and not motivated because they just don’t like the type of exercise they are doing. Tell yourself the truth, you buy a weigt lifting exercise programme because you want to build strength. Do you really like carrying weight? Have you ask yourself if it’s only weight lifting exercise that can help build strength? Friend, there are a lot of fitness exercise that wanna make you build strength. That’s why we exist to help people know exactly what to do and to stay motivated.

My advise is if you don’t like that exercise or spot and you are bored, please change to what you like to be motivated. Love leads to motivation!

Compression Legging to stay motivated


Get a partner

To stay motivated you may need an exercise partner or a coach. A partner can be your husband, wife or child after all they all need to be fit. He or she will challenge you and vice versa. After all, we all need each other and iron sharpens iron. As a wife or husband, it will create more time for communicated, intimacy and sharing even the concern you had at work. A teenage child can share his or her concern with parents. Thus, in addition to the benefits of staying motivated and the exercise itself it will also help you in building a good relation with your house members. A partner will definitely get the other stay motivated and be on track by making each other laugh and share difficulties.

Try something different

Some people are prone to de-motivation because they are doing the same thing every time and day. You may fall in this group of people if you are not motivated. Then the recommendation is to try something different. Below are things you can do differently:

First, apart from changing the type of exercise, you can change the exrecise procedure or how to do it. Reverse your routine or just change the order of your exercises. Chane your running in the treadmill to skipping rope.

Secondly, you can also try to change your your sportswear and get a new one to help you stay motivated. This you can do buy buying quality cheap sports clothing and gear instead of buying costly brand. After all, you are not competing with any one in the Olympics. Stay within your budget! You can get gorgeous underwear for your sports .

Thirdly, try mixing up pieces of equipment you use in the home or gym. If you go to the gym each day and using same type of sporting gadget or in the house utilizing the same type of equipment, try as much as you can to mix them up.

Fourthly, changing location can also help you stay motivated. Go to a city park with enough space and a lot of equipment. Use the slide, climb on the monkey bars of course you are making yourself happy, engage friends and you can also make new once. Instead of jogging on the treadmill get your favorite goggle and go jogging outdoors. Do press ups instead of carrying weight after all your body is the best weight that you carry during press up.

From the ongoing, if you are always bored doing the same thing, you must not always follow the stringent exercise routine. Just understand that you need to stay motivated first! Get out there with your favorite sportswear, change something and get the fun working your body and muscles.

Engage in a competitive game

Competition has a way of motivating people to do what they love doing. Do you love table tennis, swimming and jogging? These are exercises that you can bring in a form of competition. As discussed above, get your partners to form a team, and you know what there is going to be a team champion. For example, the fastest and winner in the team will always be the champion while swimming or playing table tennis. The fastest jogger and the best motivating person becomes the champion in case of jogging. Engaging in a competitive sport will never leave you de-motivated. Just try and see!

Focus and picture the reason of your fitness exercise.

Before we draw the curtain, let me ask you a question. Why are you doing exercise? Please may be you have forgotten, think about it! Hear me, if you can’t state the reason why you are doing exercise no matter what you try you can’t stay motivated. Motivation comes from motives. Yes, you hear me right!

Are you exercising to loose weight, become fit, build muscles, get rid of cellulite, or just one of those thing that I was force to do or doing it because others are doing it. Knowledge is the driver.

When doing exercise, try to have a picture of its purpose and your target in your mind. If you want to loose weight focus on the calories you are burning. Of course you can buy a Smartwatch that can help you to know the amount of calories you have burn.

There are research that shown that if one focus all thoughts on the objectives and targets of the exercise, one will tend to respond in a better way and stay motivated.

Conclusively, there are many ways you can make exercise more fun, interesting and stay motivated. You may not need to engage in the same fitness routine every day under the sun and moon. The most imperative thing: you should try to do what you love, go further to get a partner involve in a competitive way, trying something different, and most importantly with the objective and purpose of the exercise in mind will make you stay motivated and break the habit of being bored.



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