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You are welcome to Gym Sports Gear online store – https://gymsportsgear.com, your number One Sportswear and accessories online shop. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of sportswear ranging from men and women sports clothing, sports glasses, sport watches of different brands including smartwatches, and other sports accessories.


How and Why Gym Sports Gear was founded

Gym Sports Gear was founded by “Perky & Gorgeous Sporty” and has come a long way in his online shopping experience. Perky & Gorgeous are husband and Wife who believe that in order to stay fit and healthy, individual must engage in one form of exercise and sport. During one of the sporting moments, a member of the family got injured that led to a very excruciating pain with inability to walk for weeks. Obviously, huge amount of money was spent on treatment. How could we have prevented this injury?

Just a few Dollars. Yes, you heard me well! A few Dollars to buy the applicable sportswear and the accessory to ensure safety, would have prevented the excruciating pain, immobility and the money spent on bills, plus time wasted. And not just safety, you can also make the sporting moment to be a time of fun. Oh, yes! Have fun, time, track and improve on our performance while monitoring basic body and health status indicators to stay fit and healthy.

Because of these, we develop a passion to the world of sport ensuring people like you have fun in doing sport and do it safely while saving on your sports gear. Thus, we are committed to providing high quality and the very best of sportswear ranging from men and women sports clothing, sports glasses, sport watches of different brands including smart watches, and other sports accessories.


Gym Sports Gear focus and Values

  • Providing our customers with high quality, comfortable and durable products.
  • Secure payment. We also believe that sensitive information should be personal. Consequently, our site is 100% Positive SSL secure to ensure your sensitive information such as credit card details are encrypted and are not visible to Us. So you can buy with confidence!
  • Timely processing, shipping and delivering of Customers’ orders.
  • Shipping to all Countries that we sell to without billing for extra shipping fees.
  • Buyer Protection. We believe customers should be protected hence, we offer full refund if you don’t receive your item.
  • Proving excellent customer service with customers’ satisfaction.
  • Value for customers money ensuring our products are affordable.


Our model of proving quality sportswear and accessories

We do a lot of research on our products and selecting the very best differentiated so that Gym Sports Gear can offer you durable, quality and comfortable sports gear with competitive price. We now serve customers all over America, Europe, and other countries and are thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion into meeting the needs of sport lovers.


Kindly enjoy your shopping here, have fun sporting, get fit, stay safe and healthy to live longer.


If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email: help@gymsportsgear.com.



Perky & Gorgeous Sporty